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Third man Drone for Knight mission.


The Flyer is gone.

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GRYPHOON DRONE  is a French company specialized in R&D for Bussiness.

We design and product operationnal solution drone for operational missions.

As you see a Professionnal People, we provide a Drone to assist your services as new tech tools as a SAAS Services.
We provide a Drone solutions for agencies : Industrial, Civil, Military, Entreprise.
Were we can help and assist people, our Drone solution is for Good.
We make a Drone, You make your skill, Drone is assist you to make the duty!
Make professional secure and safe Business duty for people.

Designed & Product  in FRANCE.


Our aircraft are designed by FRENCH Engineers, assembled by FRENCH Technicians and supported by FRENCH Customer Service Representatives.
We source our products from all over the globe with the intention of delivering the highest quality product possible. In time, we strive to manufacture as many individual components as possible in the EU.

We are able to provide US Country.



secure the intervention and protect the population


assist, protect and
rescue in emergency


get ahead, speed up and rescue to save lives


Design Thinking







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Share your expectation, We make it fly.

Merci pour votre demande!





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About Gryphoon Drone

Gryphoon Drone is a company based on PARIS in FRANCE  specializing in the design and manufacturing of industrial drones. We have vast experience in the field and know the challenges drone operators face on the job site. This allows us to design and manufacture highly reliable drones that meet the client’s every need.

We have the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture aircraft that will allow you and your business to fly safely and reliably. We strive to continually think in innovative ways, push the limit on what is possible and to provide the best service in the industry to our customers.